NICE Annual Conference

The NICE annual conference has over 1000 attendees to discuss the challenges being faced by the health and care sector. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence provides support, guidance and tools for high quality, integrated care. This is the definitive gathering in the UK for those concerned with supporting high quality care across the health and social care system.

My Work

I was commissioned by events company EMAP to produce a series of Vox pop videos to be shown at the start and end of the NICE annual conference for consecutive years. My role was working with a producer to discuss concept and shooting and editing video content.

The Result

We had arranged to shoot in several wards within Kings College hospital in London. We were able to interview patients with the aim of uncovering which aspects of care they value and to reflect upon the care they've received. We also visited a care home in Edgware to interview elderly patients and care workers. Our final shoot was organised with UCL medical students which featured primarily in the closing video to help emphasise the core principles of care and inject some positivity for the future.